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Upgrade your harvest with SCH EasyCut II Cutter Bar Conversion Kits. Seamlessly integrating with combines and windrowers, these kits transform your header into a high-performance combining system. Complete with all necessary components for effortless installation, they enhance efficiency in crop harvesting. Optimize performance with coarse knives for soybeans & alfalfa, and fine knives for wheat & grasses.

See below for combine model exceptions.

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For Most Combines and Windrowers

Upgrade your harvesting equipment with the SCH EasyCut II Cutter Bar Conversion Kits, meticulously engineered to enhance efficiency and versatility in combine and windrower operations. These conversion kits seamlessly integrate with a wide range of combines and windrowers, revolutionizing harvesting capabilities.

What’s Included:

Each SCH EasyCut II Cutter Bar Conversion Kit contains all the necessary components to transform your current header into an EasyCut II cutting system. Detailed installation instructions ensure a seamless assembly process. Additionally, every sickle bar conversion kit includes two extra standard guards and a 10-pack of sections with mounting hardware, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Unmatched Versatility:

At the core of the SCH EasyCut II Conversion Kits lies their ability to seamlessly integrate combining functionalities, making them indispensable tools for agricultural professionals. With specially designed components and intuitive assembly processes, these kits transform your header into a high-performance combining system, ensuring efficient crop harvesting without compromising quality or precision.

Effortless Installation:

Thanks to their user-friendly design, installing the SCH EasyCut II Conversion Kits is a straightforward process. Clear instructions and intuitive assembly procedures ensure a hassle-free integration of combining capabilities into your equipment. Bid farewell to complex modifications and prolonged downtime – with these conversion kits, transitioning between harvest tasks is swift and seamless.

Optimal Knife Recommendations:

For optimal performance, coarse knives are recommended for soybeans & alfalfa, while fine knives are recommended for wheat & grasses.

Please contact us if you have the following models:

  • AGCO 5300,5400 drapers – add $200.00
  • Case-IH 3020, New Holland 740 grain platforms – add $200.00
  • Case-IH 2052, 2062, 2152, 2162; 2 skid plates required per foot – add $37.52/ft
  • MacDon 973, 974, FD60, FD70, FD75, D60 (2006 & after) 2 skid plates required per foot – add $37.52/ft
  • New Holland 84C, 2 skid plates required per foot – add $37.52/ft
  • Optional 540 RPM, 11 1/2″ backshaft pulley for Case-IH 1020 oil bath header – add $111.00

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