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The Bushel Plus SmartPan system revolutionizes grain sampling, delivering savings of 2% to over 10%. Proven for corn, soybeans, and small grains, it comes in three sizes: Flagship 40”, Wide Setup 60”, and BP Mini 20”. Each kit includes drop pans, an app, and a field scale for easy, accurate analysis. Agricultural professionals can make informed decisions with confidence using this efficient, versatile system.

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The Bushel Plus SmartPan system is a sophisticated agricultural technology designed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of grain sampling and analysis. This system combines advanced hardware with smart software to provide farmers and grain handlers with detailed insights into the quality and condition of their grain harvest.

At its core, the Bushel Plus SmartPan system consists of a specially designed sampling pan equipped with sensors and integrated technology. The pan is placed under the grain flow during harvesting or grain transfer operations, where it automatically collects samples at regular intervals. These samples are then analyzed in real-time using built-in sensors to assess key parameters such as moisture content, temperature, and foreign material.

The system’s smart software processes the data collected by the sensors, providing users with instant feedback and detailed reports on the quality of the grain being harvested or transferred. This information enables farmers and grain handlers to make informed decisions regarding storage, processing, and marketing of their grain, ultimately optimizing their operations and maximizing profitability.

Saving from farmers have been reported anywhere from 2% to more than 10%. Proven for corn, soybeans, and small grain such as wheat, oats, barley, canola, and rice.

Included in the kit is a wide and narrow drop pans for different stubble conditions, a carrier, wide drop pan, narrow drop pan, downloadable Bushel Plus app, pan-drop remote/lanyard, durable field scale, smart changer, and user manual.

Additionally, the Bushel Plus SmartPan system comes in three configurations:

  • THE FLAGSHIP: 40” Bushel Plus SmartPan System: The most popular system! Handy size to carry around in your pick-up or grain truck — perfect when working with a lot of different combines. 40” is the ideal size to mount higher, under the feederhouse, to avoid tall stalks or stubble. A good choice for corn and soybean growers.
  • THE WIDE SETUP: 60” Bushel Plus SmartPan System: If you are a fan of windrowing straw when checking your grain loss and want to catch a sample from the entire width of your sieves then this is the fit for you.
  • THE MINI: 20” Bushel Plus SmartPan System: Designed for use in 30” row crops when leaving high cut stubble (ex. corn & sorghum – falls in between stubble without tipping over). Also used with plot and research combines.

Overall, the Bushel Plus SmartPan system represents a cutting-edge solution for grain sampling and analysis, offering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and convenience for agricultural professionals

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The Flagship 40", The Flagship 40" plus Air Separator, The Wide Setup 60", The Wide Setup 60" plus Air Separator, The Mini 20" (Chaff Deck Version), The Mini 20" plus Air Separator