Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm Kit for JD Planters


Tired of dealing with wear on your planter’s gauge wheel arm pivot? The Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm Kit is the solution. Its innovative design, utilizing the industry-standard 5203KYY2 sealed bearing, eliminates wear issues, requires minimal maintenance, and fits various planters, including John Deere. Upgrade for precision planting without the hassle.

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Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm Kit: Revolutionizing Planter Performance

The gauge wheel arm pivot is notorious as the #1 wear point on planters. The offset load on the gauge wheel creates uneven wear, leading to issues like mud and debris buildup and premature tire wear. Enter the Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm Kit – a game-changer in planter maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Design: Unlike other kits on the market, Norseman Gauge Wheel Arms are engineered with a groundbreaking approach. The kit utilizes the industry-standard 5203KYY2 sealed bearing as a pivot point, eliminating asymmetrical wear and maintaining precise gauge wheel positioning.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: Say goodbye to constant greasing and maintenance headaches. The Norseman Gauge Wheel Arm requires practically no maintenance, keeping your planting operation running smoothly with minimal effort.
  • Compatibility: Designed for a variety of planters, including John Deere MaxEmerge® Plus, MaxEmerge®XP, XP Pro, MaxEmerge 5, ExactEmerge, John Deere 1530, 1535 drills with XP row units, and Norseman planters.
  • Future-Proof Solution: Norseman Gauge Wheel Arms not only replace worn-out parts but also eliminate the need for future maintenance, providing a long-term solution that prevents future wear and tear.

Don't settle for high wear and high maintenance. Upgrade to Norseman Gauge Wheel Arms and experience a new era of precision, durability, and hassle-free planting.