Finger-Till Closing Wheels



Elevate your planting with Finger-Till Cast Closing Wheels, the ultimate solution for precision planting. Compatible with various planter models, these wheels ensure thorough soil management and consistent seed coverage. Designed to excel in wet, no-till conditions, they offer unmatched performance. Try a single row* to experience the difference firsthand and unlock your yield potential.

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Step into the future of precision planting with Finger-Till Cast Closing Wheels, the pinnacle of innovation in agricultural technology. Crafted to perfection and compatible with an array of planter models, these wheels redefine the standards of seedbed preparation and seed-to-soil contact. Finger-Till Closing Wheels offer tailored attachment options to suit your specific equipment requirements.

Experience the power of thorough soil management and uniform seed coverage with the recommendation of two Finger-Till Closing Wheels per row. Each wheel, weighing a substantial 15.75 lbs, ensures optimal furrow closure and reduced sidewall compaction, even in the most challenging wet, no-till conditions. The innovative design lightly tills the soil, creating the perfect seedbed environment for enhanced germination and root development.

Unsure if Finger-Till Closing Wheels are the right fit for your operation? Explore our ‘Try a Row’ option, where you can purchase Finger-Till closing wheels for a single row* and witness their performance firsthand in your fields. Elevate your planting operation with Finger-Till Cast Closing Wheels and unlock the full potential of your yields. It’s time to embrace precision, efficiency, and yield optimization like never before.

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John Deere ME Plus, XP, ME5, EE, John Deere MaxEmerge 2, John Deere MaxEmerge, Kinze '93 and later, Kinze pre '93, White 6000, 8000, 9000, Monosem late plus, Monosem early plus, Great Plains with bolt on wheels